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Who We Are


Over the past 8 years we have run our program with a mission to bring together a group of passionate, positive, highly skilled, technically superior and experienced teachers to guide our dancers through a meaningful and well-rounded dance education that ultimately is used to strengthen each individual and the community at large. We focus on creating and building upon a solid foundation of technique in each dance style while promoting and fostering the growth and potential of each dancer.
The Pretenders Studio is a community service based dance/enrichment program for children, teens, and adults. Our program is structured around our ability to use dance to teach some of the most valuable life skills: self-esteem, teamwork, self expression, empathy, accountability, respect, creativity, determination, perseverance, philanthropy, honesty, and the ability to build and contribute to one’s community.
Physically and emotionally strong, empowered children become adults with the ability to pay it forward and make a difference in the world. At the Pretenders Studio we grow to be our strongest and best versions of ourselves so that we are able to “Dance For A Difference” both within ourselves and our community. 



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